You want to boost Gen Y engagement? Start with the performance review!

In many organizations, the annual performance review process has a bad reputation. Did you know that 87% say it is a waste of time?*

At the same time, performance reviews have a huge potential to drive employee engagement and improve performance – if done right. This is especially true for Generation Y, whose engagement is often questioned. For you as a manager, the key question is how to engage and, as a consequence, retain these Gen Yers? 

With a better understanding of their engagement drivers and needs, you will be able to motivate them to go the extra mile beyond their job description and the performance review is a great place to start. That’s why we put together a toolkit, offering you step-by-step guidance and many practical insights to transform the performance review from a necessary evil to a powerful management tool!

If you are a first-time or junior manager with little experience in people management, we have a better option for you. Check out our toolkit for Gen Y Managers via this link.

With this Toolkit you will gain:

-     a laser-sharp understanding of 9 Gen Y engagement drivers and why it’s crucial to pull these levers the right way to optimize performance

-      unique insights about the often-missed foundations for a successful performance review process that truly resonates with your Gen Y employees and motivates them to go the extra mile

-     plenty of practical advice to increase the impact of your conversation, which can be put into action right away – you’ll notice a big difference

 So that you:

-       are fully equipped to conduct performance reviews that motivate and inspire

-       establish deeper relationships and encourage your employees to deliver superior results

-       retain your key talent, turning your associates into a high performing team

What level of Support do you want?

In order to cater to your specific needs, we are offering three different levels of support. Each package is designed to address the support level you want:


No time to dig deep? This option gives you immediate access to a full self-service solution. Learn how to best review Gen Y performance - fast!

  • 11 short video lectures covering the essential Gen Y engagement drivers and how to leverage them during the performance review process (Video)
  • a searchable PDF guide on “Cracking Gen Y's Engagement Code during the Performance Review” including 27 practical power tips and recommendations (PDF)
  • a comprehensive Manager Checklist to get started right away (PDF)
  • power tip leaflet: Avoiding Bias (PDF)
  • power tip leaflet: Last Minute Prep (PDF)
  • power tip leaflet: Mental Shifting (PDF)
  • power tip leaflet: Virtual Reviews (PDF)
  • a double-sided Manager Placemat to print out and keep at hand for daily interactions with your Gen Y employees (PDF)


You want more personalized attention? Get your questions answered by a pro and connect with other managers to share best practices. Learn how to review Gen Y performance well!

All of the above, PLUS:

  • virtual Q&A sessions with our guarantee that we’re staying online until ALL questions are answered
  • personalized email support service with guaranteed response to your question within 48 hrs for 3 months after purchase


Never had a role model to follow? Invest 90 min. of your time that will make a difference in your leadership efforts for the rest of your life. Learn how to master it!

All of the above, PLUS:

  •  90 min. individual Skype coaching in English language available 24/7



After completing the purchase, you will be immediately directed to a page where you can start to use the toolkit. You will be able to access the videos and PDF's anytime and as often as you want by using the login credentials you get via email. 

Do good while investing in your professional develoment: With every purchase of this toolkit, we are supporting children in need of basic education to have a better start in life. We are giving back by donating to PLAN International and SOS Children's Villages. Your contribution counts.

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About this Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for experienced managers who want to conduct effective performance reviews with their Generation Y employees.

It is not a generic lecture about performance review theory but contains plenty of practical tips and guidance on how to connect and engage with Gen Y talent, soon to be the biggest generational cohort in the global workforce. Therefore, it is essential to understand their mindset and how to tap into their motivation. This toolkit enables you to do exactly that.

TheOn the Fly version consists of 11 videos and 30+ power tips in multiple PDF guides, for you to access immediately after purchase via a dedicated section of our website.

For clients who want more personalized attention, our Plug 'n' Play option offers weekly virtual Q&A sessions and a unique email service to answer YOUR questions within a guaranteed response time of 48 hrs. Our premium support, including 90 min. individual Skype coaching, is available as part of the comprehensive Deep Dive package.

With this Toolkit, you have everything you need to get started immediately and to make an impact. Let's boost your Gen Y engagement!



About the Author

The author of this toolkit, Martina Mangelsdorf, is a thought leader in multi-generational talent management. She is the founder of GAIA Insights, a boutique firm specialized in engaging, developing and retaining the next generation of talent to contribute to your bottom line.

Prior to launching her own company, Martina gained more than a decade of experience as a Human Resources leader in Staffing, Talent Management and Leadership Development in multinational corporations covering multiple geographies.

She is truly passionate about developing people and has trained myriads of managers throughout her career around the globe. She is also the author of two German books: "30 Minuten Generation Y" (Gabal Verlag 2014) and "Warum sollte ich für Sie arbeiten?" (Campus Verlag 2015).


"Martina delivers high quality results. She is creative, able to engage the audience, very passionate and professional in what she does. She is also extremely available and generously invests her time above and beyond in order to get to the right results. It is a pleasure to work with her because of her acumen, knowledge and professionalism."

 - Director Market Access Excellence, Europe

"Martina has a high energy, results oriented focus, and delivered strongly for the project we engaged her for. She is very collaborative, while at the same time being very driven to ensure she is adds value. I found her contribution to be significant, and I would highly recommend her for future projects in the HR / people development field."

- Executive Director, USA

"Thanks to Martina´s expertise, her understanding of human processes and insights, her deep comprehension of corporate needs, her strong commitment to participants´ development and evolution, and her fantastic and fresh style, the energy she created with our participants helped to achieve an amazing emotional and intellectual engagement from all our talents involved in this initiative."

- HR Director, Venezuela

* Source: Study by Joseph Grenny, author of the best-selling book “Change Anything”. In an online survey of 642 people, 87% said they left their reviews without a plan to better meet their manager’s expectations.