Eager to boost your career? Leverage the annual performance review to demonstrate your potential!

You entered corporate life full of ambition to grow your career, looking forward to changing the world and eager to finally use your talent. Right?

Well, in order to succeed, you will need to demonstrate many qualities they did not teach you at university, for example how to communicate effectively with your manager. That skill is especially important during the performance review. In this process, what you say and how you say it can have a major impact on the course of your future career.

So, honestly, do you feel 100% equipped for this crucial conversation? Are you able to make your biggest achievements visible in a way that your manager gets it? What if your manager perceives the value of your contribution differently? How do you cope with critical feedback and still turn it into a positive experience?

Don't leave your performance review up to chance. It's far too important for your career and job fulfilment.Instead, be fully prepared by using our unique toolkit. It offers step-by-step guidance and plenty of practical tips to transform the performance review from a scary monster to a platform to unleash your potential!

If you are a Gen Yer in a management role looking for guidance on how to conduct performance reviews as a manager, we have a better option for you. Check out our toolkit for Gen Y Managers via this link.

With this Toolkit you will gain:

-     clarity about the performance review process and how it works

-     practical guidance on how to respond to performance feedback - good or bad

-     valuable recommendations, DOs and DON'Ts as well as a comprehensive checklist ready to use

-     reflection questions and a worksheet to help you prepare and make a great impression

-     tips how to prepare yourself (and your manager!) to make the most out of this process

So that you:

-      are more confident in leaving the performance review meeting as a winner

-      are more relaxed about the whole thing because you know how to best fulfil your part

-      feel empowered and inspired to deliver superior results and to develop further


What's in the Toolkit?

After completing the purchase, you will be immediately directed to a page where you can start to use the toolkit. You will be able to access:

  • 7 short video lectures taking you through the performance review process and what you need to know about it (Video)
  • a searchable PDF handbook that takes the video lectures one step further and includes a number of additional material, tips and tricks on how to turn your performance review into a success (PDF)
  • unlimited access to our interactive FAQ Library
  • an email address where to send your inquiries; we are going to answer the most relevant questions in short MP3 audio podcasts for you to access whenever you want
  • the possibility to win a free Skype coaching session - once you buy the toolkit, you will automatically enroll in the drawing
Develop yourself and make a positive contribution to changing the world: With every purchase of this toolkit, we are supporting children in need of basic education to have a better start in life. We are giving backby donating to PLAN International and SOS Children's Villages.
If you have any questions about this toolkit or the order process, contact us at info@gaia-insights.com.


About this Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for Gen Y associates who want to prepare themselves for an effective performance review and to get the most out of it for their career. It is not a generic lecture about performance review theory but contains plenty of practical tips and guidance with the option to personalize our interactive FAQ Library to your needs. Individual Skype coaching can be added upon request.

The toolkit consists of 7 videos and a searchable PDF handbook, for you to access immediately after purchase via a dedicated section of our website. In addition, you have unlimited access to our interactive FAQ Library and we encourage you to send in YOUR questions. We will answer the most relevant qestions via regularly uploaded MP3 audio podcasts.

With this Toolkit, you have everything you need to be well-prepared and to succeed where others fail. Get ready, be selfish and boost your career!



Learning from a Pro

The author of this toolkit, Martina Mangelsdorf, is a thought leader in multi-generational talent management. She is the founder of GAIA Insights, a boutique firm specialized in engaging, developing and retaining the next generation of talent. Prior to launching her own company, Martina gained more than a decade of experience as a Human Resources leader (and people manager!) in Staffing, Talent Management and Leadership Development in multinational corporations covering multiple geographies. She is truly passionate about developing people and has trained hundreds of talented employees around the globe.


"Having learned from this toolkit, I went into my performance review much more confident and was able to turn it into a positive experience for me."