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In this final instalment of our mini-series: “COVID-19: Beyond Reaction to Response”, today James explores the third change in mindset for leaders and organizations to adapt to tomorrow’s world.

In the second instalment of our mini-series “COVID-19: Beyond Reaction to Response”, today James explores the second change in mindset he believes is required to face today’s challenges proactively.

2020 is moving along at a rapid pace and we are all aware that our life as we know it has changed, at least for now. For the corporate and business world, one relevant impact of the pandemic worth exploring is the reality that many face-to-face events have either been cancelled or adapted for a virtual setting.

I joined GAIA Insights at the beginning of August 2020 and it is my first experience of working in a 100% virtual organization. As such, GAIA Insights has found itself very well-placed to deal with remote, home-based working, as this has been its reality since it was established in 2012. I recognize this is not the case for the majority of organizations – a fact which has inspired me to write this blog.

Together, we took one step towards being patient and compassionate with ourselves – staying curious about transforming the “container” of our minds! about YOU take a break… to sharpen your saw?

Let’s be honest, the world has always been an uncertain place, but now we cannot escape that truth. I don’t need to tell you that the world has changed, fast. And in ways we could not have imagined.