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While there are many things we could say about ourselves and the value we can bring to your organization,
we prefer to give the floor to those who have worked with us – participants, clients, coaches and partners.
Check out our value map and read, watch or listen what others have to say about GAIA Insights and decide for yourself if you would like to create similar impact for your organization. If you like what you see and hear,
we look forward to connecting with you to find out what we can create together!

“Ready Now”

Emily Koolen

Participant Testimonial - Jouke

Tackle Real Business Challenges

Dave Bancroft-Turner

Increase Employee Engagement

Eddie Lynch

Optimize Personal Leadership

Franciska Dekker

Participant Testimonial - Diego

Partner for Trusted End-to-End Execution

Christina Gottschau

Participant Testimonial - Natalie

Boost Leadership Qualities

Floris Verbeij

Participant Testimonial - Mehdi

Photo Album

Our programs, events and workshops consist of many what we call ‘Making Memory Moments’.
We like to expose our participants to unique venues, taking them off the grid to be able to focus on the experience and make the most of their on-location time. We pride ourselves in partnering with venues that are culturally authentic and environmentally responsible. The cuisine is local, organic and offers high-performance food specifically created to allow optimal brain function. Our professional event management leaves nothing to be desired.