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Even though the corporate wilderness can be a scary place, the good news is: you are not alone.
Meet like-minded people who struggle with the same challenges and face the same fears, yet have the courage to talk about it. We are still building our social media channels and look for your feedback to put even more useful blogs and resources out there. Join the community and let’s make this a movement to make the world a better place
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Download the GAIA Insights Teal Paper on Authentic Leadership

Below we are sharing a shortlist of research studies, whitepapers and articles that influence our thinking and keep shaping our work. While we have not authored the material, we endorse the presented concepts and conclusions, without assuming responsibility for content or the privacy practices of the following sites:

Harvard Business Review: The most important leadership competencies

McKinsey: Leading with inner agility

McKinsey: Why leadership development programs fail

Financial Post: Millennials and the impending leadership development crisis

TomorrowToday: Providing meaningful leadership development for the future of work