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Diversity is the new Darwinism - only the most resistant companies will survive.

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It’s the product of creating a safe environment where employees feel that they can come to work as they are and do what they love without fear of being judged. Our world is diverse. Yet, our power structures are still fairly homogeneous.

This program will challenge you to uncover your biases. Learn how to be an inclusive leader. Learn how to embrace diversity and differences. Learn how to be truly authentic. Learn how to dismantle barriers to create a new world.

Why sign up?

Because diversity fosters talent retention and innovation:

  • Research shows that teams that operate in an inclusive culture outperform their peers by a staggering 80%
  • Employees who believe their company supports diversity, report an 83% increase in their ability to innovate

  • Employees whose companies help them feel included, report a 42% increase in team collaboration

  • US public companies with diverse executive boards have a 95% higher return on equity than non-diverse leadership

  • 83% of Millennials report being actively engaged when their organization fosters an inclusive work environment

Yet, traditional diversity trainings and unconscious bias fail to create an inclusive environment. The positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two, and a number of studies suggest that it can activate bias or spark a backlash.

Diversity and inclusion can’t be learned in a day. Diversity trainings are more impactful when they are complemented by other initiatives, targeted to both awareness and skills development, and conducted over a significant period of time.

It’s not enough to tick the diversity box, the real impact only comes with genuine inclusion and belonging. That is why we have created the Inclusive Leadership Accelerator.

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What do I get?

Embark on a unique 12-month leadership journey that includes:

  • bi-weekly webinars (20+ sessions)
  • 3 live modules with a total of 12 days of expert workshops
  • 3 rounds of impact assessment
  • individual coaching sessions
  • permanent access to a knowledge library
  • plenty of assignments and on-the-job practice
  • special “Making Memory Moments” with new friends
  • small group size to ensure a highly personalized experience

From experience, we know that successful participants spend approximately four hours per week on their assignments and practice. Add three weeks of face-to-face delivery and you'll end up with a total of nearly 300 active learning hours over a period of 12 months.

Seem like a lot? Well it is, so please be serious about wanting to develop as a leader because what you put in, is what you get out, it's as simple as that. Therefore, carefully consider if this opportunity is for you and if you accept the challenge, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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Who is this for?

The Inclusive Leadership Accelerator is for people who consider D&I more than a "nice to have" tick in the box. People, who understand that equity is more than a gender KPI for the C-Suite and that diversity doesn’t automatically equal inclusion.

This program is for you if:

  • you are a leader, CEO, D&I expert, Talent Director or in a similar role
  • you want to do more than just raise awareness - you want to change behaviors
  • you aim to help your business implement more inclusive practices, you want to shift paradigms in your organization and positively influence culture
  • you already implemented D&I initiatives but you are still struggling to see the impact and change mindsets at a deeper level
  • some of your internal practices have been condemned by the media and you have to take remedial action fast
  • your stakeholders are putting pressure on you to act but you don’t know how and you are looking for an integrated end-to-end approach for your busy leader

Based on data provided by our global alumni regarding the average number of people impacted by our leadership programs, it takes only 16,667 leaders to impact 1 million people in the world. That's 1 million people who can become better humans, take smarter decisions and make a difference. Every. Single. Day.

Are you ready to challenge your leaders to role model inclusive leadership? Join us on our mission and change the world!

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When and where can I participate?

A customized Inclusive Leadership Accelerator for your organization can be designed and launched anytime.

For a lighter taste of it, sign up for our next open enrolment ASPIRE program, which includes elements of the Inclusive Leadership Accelerator and kicks off in September 2020. ASPIRE runs for 12 months.

Too busy this year? You may also pre-register for our 2021 launch. Reach out now to secure your seat!

For the virtual portions, you may participate from your office, your living room and even in your pajamas - as long as you have a stable internet connection. This program will come to you as a blended learning offering, both online and offline, and our three live modules will take you to amazing venues spread across wider Europe.

This is not a standard leadership program nor is it a business school MBA. It is a new approach to holistic growth - developing the leader and the person - thus honoring the human aspect of leadership. Therefore, among many other details, group size is carefully monitored to ensure a highly personalized experience and a safe learning atmosphere. Make sure to secure your seat and benefit from our early bird discount!

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How much is it and how do I sign up?

An exclusive Inclusive Leadership Accelerator can be customized to your organization's needs and budget.

The standard all-inclusive fee for an open enrolment program includes all sessions, learning materials and personal mentoring by the program team throughout the 12-month program. It also includes your accommodation, meals and non-alcoholic drinks for all three live modules, starting Monday lunch time until Friday afternoon (12 days total). You only have to show up on the doorstep of our venue. The rest is on us.

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We realize it's quite an investment. Here's what GAIA Insights alumnus Thijs says about the value of one of our programs and why it's worth it.

Note that special discounts and early-bird rates may apply!

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